Gabe Zichermann, Technology Speaker, Who’s To Blame for Addiction

Gabe Zichermann, know as the Gamification Expert (and technology keynote speaker), published a new article on TechCrunch titled “Stop Blaming Apple and Take Responsibility for Tech Addiction.” In it he dives into the philosophy that we shouldn’t put the blame solely on the tech giants, but rather take a look in the mirror at ourselves for our tech addiction.

Most Tech companies are doing what we all expect, making money — this is what business do. This is why there are beer commercials, but we also have to take matters into our own hands and drink responsibly. The same goes for our technology us, according to Gabe Zichermann.

You can book Gabe Zichermann for your group (for corporate events, association conventions, and education institutions) to talk about tech work-life balance, the addiction economy and how this subject is creating real ripples in the corporate world and for leaders who are trying to navigate through how to handle this. Contact us today to learn how Gabe can keynote your event on this subject.


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