Stephanie Decker, Inspiring Keynote Speaker, Announces New Limb-Different Camp for Kids

Stephanie Decker, motivational speaker, amputee

Stephanie Decker, inspiring keynote speaker, runs the Stephanie Decker Foundation, just announced that their camp registration is opening soon and the will be providing coaches who will help limb-different children take their game to the next level (in baseball, softball, football, basketball, track, etc.).

The Stephanie Decker Foundation supports two major areas:
1) Kids with prosthetics: Stephanie and Joe love kids and sports, and they especially love kids playing sports! They want to help children with prosthetics get involved in sports and enjoy the same athletic opportunities as others

2) Access to leading-edge prosthetics: Stephanie has been fortunate to have access to some of the latest high-tech prosthetics available, but many more people don’t have that same technology available to them. Stephanie and Joe want to help ordinary people get access to extraordinary technology to help them with their mobility.

Contributions to the Stephanie Decker Foundation at the Community Foundation of Louisville will support programs that help children with prosthetics participate in sports, as well as organizations that help people get access to leading-edge prosthetic technology. Future distributions may also support other charitable causes and interests important to the Decker family.

Stephanie Decker is an inspiring mother who lost both of her legs saving her children during a tornado in Indiana. She travels around motivating companies, associations, communities with her keynote.


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