We Are Proud To Welcome Princess Sarah Culberson!

Princess Sarah Culberson

Eagles Talent Speaker Management Welcomes Princess Sarah Culberson 

Princess Sarah Culberson is the Newest Addition to Eagles Talent’s Exclusive List of Managed Speakers

South Orange, NJ: We are proud to announce that Princess Sarah Culberson has joined the Eagles Talent family. Here at Eagles Talent, we are committed to helping narrow down the field in an industry that sees new speakers coming on to the circuit so frequently. We focus on managing speakers with a story and value, and Princess Sarah has both!

Princess Sarah Culberson was adopted shortly after her first birthday by a white couple from West Virginia. Sarah was raised in the United States and had little knowledge of her ancestry and of her biological parents. Once Sarah reached adulthood, she set out on a quest to find her biological parents. She learned that her birth mother passed away when Sarah was only 11, but her birth father lived in Sierra Leone. She made the trip out to the country that her ancestors were from and quickly learned that she was considered a maholi, the child of a paramount chief. This meant that she was a princess in Sierra Leone! 

Sarah decided that she couldn’t just ignore her royal status and it inspired her to do good for the country. She co-founded Sierra Leone Rising, a non-profit to support the people of Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone Rising focuses on education, public health, and female empowerment throughout the country. Through the non-profit, Princess Sarah and her team have provided the people of Sierra Leone with nine wells (clean drinking water), helped restore most of the school in her family’s community, started a tech center that helps to teach children how to code, and provide sanitary products to the young girls of the community. Princess Sarah took her new royal status very seriously, and has used it to help the people of Sierra Leone immensely. 

When Sarah isn’t busy being a princess, she enjoys performing. She has danced and acted onstage as well on TV and has a very exciting project in the works. Sarah is also the Director of Outreach at the Oakwood School in Los Angeles where she works closely with middle and high school students daily. Following her first trip to Sierra Leone and her royal discovery, Sarah co-authored a book titled A Princess Found

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Inspiring Speaker, Princess Sarah Culberson

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