How You Can Create The Cafe Du Mode Experience for Your Business

Recently, Scott Greenberg, a former award-winning franchisee of two Edible Arrangements and a customer service guru, visited the world famous Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans and shared exactly what he thinks makes the cafe so successful. 

Scott starts off by stating reasons why people wouldn’t want to visit the establishment. The restaurant is a noisy, crowded, tourist attraction. He says their beignets are good, but you can get good beignets anywhere in New Orleans, you can even buy the mix for Cafe Du Monde’s beignets at the airport and make them at home. But what don’t you get at home? The experience. Cafe Du Monde has been around for 150 years and going there makes you feel as if you are a part of the history. Cafe Du Monde is a New Orleans tradition and visiting the destination without a stop at the cafe would make for an incomplete New Orleans experience. 

Scott loves traveling around, presenting keynotes helping create an experience like this with your business. While he states that you may not be able to create history, you can still create a memorable experience for customers. Experiences that will keep them coming back such as great products, great service, or maybe something a little different or unusual that will make your customers stop and say wow. Once you create meaningful, iconic experiences for your business, customers will begin to flock to you. 

Scott has a ton of real-world experience that he brings to the table and is known for creating the perfect customer experience. Want more insight on how to run a successful business from Scott Greenberg? Book him today!



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