Women “Crushing it” Wednesday: Amelia Rose Earhart

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Living up to aviation legend Amelia Earhart was no easy task, but Amelia Rose Earhart made it her goal. Amelia often thinks about the fact that if her parents had given her a different name, she might not be where she is today. In 2014, Amelia Rose Earhart recreated and completed the 1937 flight in honor of her namesake, Amelia Mary Earhart. While the two Amelias have no direct relation, Amelia Rose Earhart felt it was her duty to live up to her namesake, and she has been inspiring others ever since. 

Amelia and her co-pilot, Shane Jordan, completed the 28,000 mile journey in 18 days, visiting 14 countries and completing six equatorial crossings. Not only did she complete this impressive expedition, but along the way she awarded 10 flight training scholarships to young women in the US looking to obtain a pilot’s license. The flight took over two years of planning, intense and extensive training, fundraising through her nonprofit, Fly With Amelia Foundation, and a team of nearly 100 people. With the help of her team, Amelia was able to safely complete the flight which was tracked and admired by millions. 

Completing the flight was no easy feat and she had many people tell her that she wouldn’t be able to achieve this goal. Amelia persevered and she created her own path and built her own runway to make it happen. These comments and setbacks did make Amelia feel discouraged, but she knew she had to work through the turbulence. It is easy to let setbacks get you down and call off your plan entirely, but Amelia teaches that the setbacks are what keep you from being set on autopilot. You don’t just want to be along for the ride, you want to navigate your path to greatness.

Amelia’s story can serve as inspiration to anyone. Today, she tells her story to audiences and helps others to create their own flight plan to success. She challenges attendees to discover their identity and their passions and helps them to define their “true north” and achieve their goals. She wants to help people “pre-flight” their biggest ideas and take off toward the goals that define who they are. 

Amelia can also be seen hosting Colorado and Company on Denver’s NBC affiliate, KUSA-TV. The nonprofit she began, the Fly With Amelia Foundation, awards flight training scholarships to young women between 16-18 in the US. The recipients are then able to attend the flight school of their choice. Amelia is a huge supporter of women in aviation and with only 5% of pilots being women, she has made it one of her missions to empower young women to follow their aviation dreams. She has honored her namesake in the best way she knew how, by taking her journey and showing young women that there are still adventures to be had and that they are allowed to live out their wildest dreams in any way they choose. 

If you and your team want to feel empowered to follow your dreams and achieve your goals, book Amelia today!

“The only journey without turbulence is the one that never begins.” -Amelia Rose Earhart



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