3 Tips for Entrepreneurial Success

Early last week, global humanitarian and social entrepreneur Mallory Brown celebrated her eight year entrepreneur anniversary. She took to Facebook to celebrate the milestone:

Today is my entrepreneur anniversary! 8 years ago, I launched my first socially-conscious business and embarked on the beautiful journey of self-employment. There is no greater gift I could have given myself than the challenge of pursuing my passion full time. So thankful for this crazy ride…and all those who have supported me through the years,” Mallory wrote on her Facebook and Instagram pages.

In honor of Mallory’s accomplishment, we are sharing three tips on how you can follow in her footsteps and achieve success as a self-employed entrepreneur.

1. Create a business plan.

No successful business just appears from out of the blue. Creating a business plan is an essential step and will guide you throughout your entrepreneurial venture. It’ll be especially helpful if you are new to entrepreneurship, have recently started your own business or are embarking on the journey of self-employment.

Some things you should include in your business plan are goals, strategies, and budget, among other things. The next step is to follow your plan and work toward achieving entrepreneurial success.

2. Do your research.

Before you begin promoting your products or services, you’ll want to research the market you are looking to enter to ensure that there is a high demand for your product. You’ll also want to research your target audience so you can brainstorm strategies and tactics that will resonate well with them. Conducting the proper research will allow you to enter the entrepreneurial world engaged and prepared.

3. Consider advocating for a social cause.

When launching her businesses, Mallory always keeps specific social causes in mind. When she founded World Clothes Line, she thought about people living in poverty who were in need of clothing. This resulted in a “Buy one, give one” business model in which the company donated one item of clothing to someone in need per each item sold. Another example is Mallory’s Walk a Mile initiative in which she aims to raise money and awareness for working women living in poverty.

Advocating for a social cause can be beneficial not only for your business but also for yourself. It can open new opportunities for your business and it can also allow you to successfully integrate your passions toward creating a meaningful career.

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