Phil Hansen, Artist and Inspiring Keynote Speaker, Releases New Goodbye Art Video

Phil Hansen, inspiring artist and innovative keynote speaker, released the latest video in his Goodbye Art 2 series. In this video, Phil creates an large image using words from stories people shared about when they were 7 years old. The final image is so captivating and filled with emotion. You will also want to learn what connection the final image has with Syria (currently in the news). Also, what he does with the final image will leave you breathless.

Phil posted on Facebook “All the stories you contributed last year created this artwork. What was your story? And if you’d like to share a picture of yourself from the age of 7.”

Phil Hansen presents to groups all over the world on the topic how to overcome limitations. In addition to his keynote speech, he offers an add-on interactive art experience (where each attendee takes part in a small piece of art to create a large image). Connect with us today to lear more about Phil and bring him into present at your next corporate or association event.


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