The Dangers of Living in an Addiction Economy

Gamification and technology expert Gabe Zichermann is best known for the strides he has made in the battle against technology addiction. In his keynotes, Gabe uses his energetic and innovative style to teach attendees how they can use technology to bring their business to new heights while avoiding the dangers of an addiction economy. Although the rise of technology has positive impacts, there are also some negatives that come along with it. Continue reading for a few dangers that come with living in an addiction economy.

1. Tech-addiction is a direct result.

When you live in a society focused on keeping you addicted to various products and services, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that you may eventually give into the addiction as well. Because of this, technology addiction is a direct result of living in an addiction economy. You can avoid this altogether by maintaining a healthy tech-life balance.   

2. Achieving a tech-life balance may seem unattainable.

When your addiction to technology becomes paramount, it may seem impossible to achieve a healthy balance between technology and life. It is important to realize, however, that this is necessary in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and not give into the dangers of an addiction economy. When you become addicted to something, it rarely goes away by itself. Work on achieving a tech-life balance to ensure that you don’t give into the pitfalls of technology addiction.

3. Tech companies operate with one goal in mind: To keep your attention for as long as possible.

Apps that serve to engage users can have various upsides. Some apps, such as trivia games for example, may provide users with educational opportunities. Other apps, such as Facebook or Instagram, give users a chance to catch up with old friends. However, these apps can also include serious downsides, especially when they are created with the goal of keeping users engaged for an extended amount of time. One major problem is that they make users become addicted to their apps, which only contributes to the addiction economy we are currently living in.

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Gabe Zichermann is an expert in all things technology. While other technology gurus may be pointing you in the wrong direction — toward tech addiction, for example — Gabe’s main goal is to help others achieve a tech-life balance in their personal and professional lives. He will teach your audience how to effectively utilize technology to boost employee engagement and customer satisfaction. For more on Gabe and what he offers in his keynote, please call 1.800.345.5607 or visit


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