3 Things You Can Do to Overcome Any Obstacle

If anyone knows a thing or two about overcoming obstacles and moving forward in the face of adversity, it’s motivational speaker and humanitarian Stephanie Decker. She lost both of her legs and became a double amputee after saving her children’s lives in a deadly tornado that hit Indiana. Afterward, a plethora of obstacles came her way. In her keynote, Stephanie teaches attendees how to find courage in the storm and overcome adversity just as she did. Continue reading for a few tips on how to deal with obstacles that appear either in your career or personal life.

1. Find humor in the situation.

In the moment, you may not find it appropriate to laugh at an oncoming obstacle. Perhaps you are dealing with a conflict at work or maybe you just lost your job. It can be difficult to find something to smile about in such serious situations, but one key to overcoming an obstacle is to find a reason to smile anyway. Shedding light on the situation can lighten your mood and your mindset as well. Approaching a situation with a positive mindset will have a positive result, which is why it is beneficial to find some kind of humor in the situation you are faced with.

2. Lean on your support system in times of need.

Asking for advice or assistance in times of need is not a sign of weakness. In fact, enlisting the help of others is necessary at times. Teamwork can get you very far, which is why it’s important to have a strong and supportive group of people by your side. It’s important to remain open to the assistance of others. Although you may want to solve issues on your own, you should recognize that working as a team to resolve an issue can result in new ideas and insights that you might not have thought about yourself.

3. Set goals.

Lastly, you should always look forward and maintain a positive mindset. Prepare for the future by setting goals for yourself. Setting goals will allow you to move forward because by doing so, you are envisioning a future where the current issue has been resolved. As a result, you will create a positive and progressive mindset for yourself. Setting goals will also allow you to become more organized, which is especially useful in overcoming all kinds of obstacles.

Book Stephanie Decker For Your Next Event

Stephanie Decker will add an inspiring touch to any event. Her powerful keynote leaves a lasting impact in the minds of attendees and motivates them to find courage in their own storm. Her keynote is a hit among all types of audiences, including corporations, management teams and nonprofits, among many others. If you are interested in booking Stephanie for an upcoming event, please call 1.800.345.5607 for more information on how to do so.


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