Lisa Copeland Talks Work-Life Balance and Women in Automotive

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Every March is Women’s History Month, a time dedicated to honoring women and highlighting the numerous contributions they have made to society. Sales strategist and leadership keynote speaker Lisa Copeland has spent a lot of her career making strides for women in automotive and raising awareness for the need for more women in this male-dominated field. She has been recognized numerous times for her achievements, being named to the Board of Directors of Women in Automotive (2016), a Top 100 Woman in the Automotive Industry (2015), and one of the Five Most Powerful Women in Austin (2012), among many other accomplishments.

Lisa recently sat down with Jim Fitzpatrick of CBT Automotive News to discuss the all-important work-life balance and how car dealerships can attract more females to the automotive industry. 

The automotive industry, as well as other industries, tends to be a male-dominated field.

According to the National Automobile Dealers Association, 19 percent of dealership retail employees are female. In her interview, Lisa points out that about 11 to 12 percent of this number most likely accounts for women who are sitting at a desk answering phone calls, not necessarily out on the field selling cars or in a management position.

“When you look at women actually selling cars on the service drive or in management, it’s single digits. This is 2019 — what’s going on with that?”

Lisa challenges car dealers to change their mindset in 2019 in order to create more desirable retail environments.

During the interview, Lisa explained her theory that the lack of women in the automotive industry isn’t exactly because dealers won’t hire them, but because some women simply do not want to work in that type of environment. Lisa references retailers like Apple and Carvana while challenging car dealers to follow these types of business models. She advises those in the automotive industry, as well as other retail industries, to offer livable wages and job security for all employees in an effort to get people to want to work there.

At the end of the day, it comes down to strong leadership and consideration for all employees.

Looking back on her time as a FIAT dealer, Lisa recalled hiring a mix of individuals who were both experienced and inexperienced in the automotive industry. The best mix to maintain in the workplace, she said, is a 50/50 ratio. This ensures that there are 50 percent of individuals who may need to learn more on the job while there are 50 percent who can serve as mentors for them. Providing strong leaders and mentors for employees is one thing that can enhance their experience in the retail industry and contribute to their overall satisfaction and productivity.

In her keynotes, Lisa teaches attendees how they can crush mediocrity and stand out among the competition. She also teaches audiences that it isn’t always about the product you sell. Instead, she advises them to sell a movement — not a product — and watch the success follow suit. She strives to help others build successful businesses while creating welcoming environments for all employees.

Click here for Lisa Copeland’s complete interview with CBT Automotive Network.

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