Gabe Zichermann Speaks About Tech-Life Balance at SB ‘18

Early last week, managed speaker Gabe Zichermann attended Sustainable Brands 2018, a showcase of brands, sustainability practitioners, products and leaders who are all working to improve business worldwide.The event features a variety of sessions and programs aimed at redesigning business to achieve the vision of a better world, or the “Good Life.”

At the event, Gabe presented his keynote titled “Achieving Tech-Life Balance and Why Brands Should Get On Board,” where he addressed the dangers of technology addiction. He said technology addiction is prevalent in society, stating, “Addiction is the economic currency right now.”

He argued that businesses everywhere are competing for consumers’ attention. Ultimately, they are in a competition to attract others to their product, which will result in consumers spending the most time on their specific platform.

According to Gabe, this becomes problematic when users begin spending too much time on these platforms. This completely disrupts the tech-life balance we must strive to achieve. Too much of one thing is never healthy and excessive technology usage is no exception. It feeds into the addiction economy we live in and only makes it worse.

To read more of Gabe’s comments on why a tech-life balance is beneficial to individuals and businesses, as well as more on the other speakers who attended Sustainable Brands ‘18, click here.

Gabe is the CEO of Onward, an app focused on helping users achieve a healthy tech-life balance through restrictions and reminders that can be set on a user’s device. He strives to help others achieve a tech-life balance and conquer technology addiction not only through his app, but also through his keynote presentations. If you are interested in booking technology expert Gabe Zichermann to speak at your next event, call us at 1.800.345.5607 for more information.


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