Finding Strength In Stories With Scott Greenberg

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It has recently felt as if COVID-19 has consumed all of our lives. Tune in to any news program or browse any social media site and that will be all you see and hear about. While this is a very serious issue and we must all stay informed, it is also time to spread positivity and strength with those around us. 

In a message from Scott Greenberg, he tells us exactly how we can spread positivity amongst one another through the power of storytelling. Scott starts out by reminding us that during difficult times all throughout history, people have relied on stories to educate, entertain, and inspire. Right now, most of the stories we are hearing are coming from the media and are leaving us feeling stressed and uneasy. While it is necessary for the media to report the negative to keep the public informed, Scott states that we must start to balance out the negative with the positive. 

Scott goes back to his childhood when his grandmother used to tell him about her experiences during the Holocaust. Scott remembers when he was a young child, she would often tell him about the negative and scary experiences and then say goodnight and leave him to go to sleep. Even being as young as he was at the time, Scott recognized the positives in her stories as well. That those negative experiences were not the end of her story. She was a survivor. She survived that awful time and went on to become a business owner, a mother, and a grandmother. Her story was inspiring and gave Scott hope through some of the most difficult times in his life. 

What we are going through right now is filled with uncertainty, even more so because we don’t have all of the answers. What we do know is that there are a ton of different stories from human beings who have endured and survived difficult times. We need to tell those stories and allow them to inspire us to get through this as well. Scott ends his message by reminding us that we are powerful, strong, and we can endure and we need to continue to remind ourselves of that.

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