Amelia Rose Earhart Is Ready To Help Your Team Soar With Her New Virtual Workshop


Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, many people are being forced out of their comfort zones and asked to work from home in an act of social distancing. Children have become coworkers and dining room tables have become home offices. For some, working from home is foregin and comes with distractions from family members or a wandering mind. Luckily, around the world pilot and keynote speaker, Amelia Rose Earhart, is here to help with her video workshop: “The Art of Flying A Holding Pattern.” Amelia has designed this workshop specifically to help teams who have suddenly transitioned to work from home. 

Amelia’s pilot training alone has provided her with the tools to help your group succeed while working from home. Pilots are trained to stay calm, increase focus, scan instruments, and most importantly, keep flying during times of stress/ turbulence. Amelia wants to help your team thrive during these unprecedented times and is prepared to share the skills necessary to help do so. Amelia’s message is meant to bring focus, accountability and hope to the situation. 

Amelia’s video discussions and workshops are specifically tailored to helping teams stay in flight. They will help teach teams how to speed up the adjustment phase and how to keep an eye out for opportunities that may arise during this time. Skills like course correction and navigation are at the heart of Amelia’s message. Amelia has even created a team checklist to help maintain straight and level flight while teams are working from home. The checklist goes over limitations and the weight and balance of managing work and family life together. 

Amelia Rose Earhart is here to help pilot the plane you are currently flying. Want her help? Reach out to Eagles Talent Speaker Management today to book “The Art of Flying A Holding Pattern.”



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