Mallory Brown Offers Virtual Presentation During Pandemic

Mallory Brown, empathy keynote speaker, empowers women to lead

Due to COVID-19, all of our lives have felt as if they have been turned upside down. Our sense of normalcy is gone as the majority of employees around the world are forced to work remotely, leaving many with a need for connection as well as inspiration. Luckily for you, Eagles Talent Speaker Management has a speaker who can help. 

Mallory Brown is a documentary filmmaker and humanitarian who will teach your group that with compassion, empathy, and empowerment, you can help change the world. Currently, many of us are feeling overwhelmed with the uncertainty of what is to come and the enormity of need that there already is. There are people who need help and Mallory will teach your group exactly how each individual can be one of the helpers. Mallory explains that over the years she has learned there is a specific mindset of those who want to help others in need. Mallory is committed to helping the members of your group develop that mindset. She wants to show each individual in your audience how they can be the one person who makes a difference.

Mallory is currently in the process of walking a global marathon in the name of women’s empowerment. As a part of her “Walk a Mile” initiative, Mallory plans on walking a total of 26 individual miles with 26 impoverished, working women, in 26 differnet locations to help capture each woman’s unique story. Through this exploration of herself, Mallory has learned the importance of human connection. When practicing compassion and empathy, it is very simple to create connections that surpass, race, religion, language, and social/economic status. It has taught her that she is one individual in a connected web. Anyone has the potential to pull on their string to create a ripple effect, make an impact. Mallory wants to teach your group how they can make those connections and make that impact in and outside of the workplace. 

Through the power of green screens, Mallory is prepared to take your group on a virtual trip around the world. During Mallory’s virtual presentation, she plays clips from her documentaries, tells personal stories, and answers questions from the audience via chat. Mallory will also provide your group with a downloadable worksheet complete with maps and graphs that can help everyone to follow along. Mallory is sure to empower everyone in your audience to be that one person who makes a difference. 

If you are feeling inspired by Mallory and would like to learn more, reach out to Eagles Talent Speaker Management today!



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