Creative Speakers: Bringing Innovation to Your Workplace

Innovation, imagination and originality. These are all elements you should want to include in your event, whether it’s a corporate event, university address or leadership conference. A creative speaker can incorporate these elements and more, creating a fun and exciting keynote address for attendees. Continue reading to learn more about two creative speakers here at Eagles Talent.

Phil Hansen

Known especially for his use of different mediums as well as his collaboration projects, Phil Hansen provides an unforgettable experience for attendees. Besides his exceptional keynote address on “embracing the shake” and overcoming limitations, Phil also offers a collaborative art experience for attendees at an additional cost. Phil is an internationally recognized multimedia artist who shares his story and creativity with audiences in an effort to help them overcome their own limitations.

Embrace the Shake: Transforming Limitations into Opportunities

Creativity and innovation are essential traits needed to succeed as a business leader. With this in mind, Phil draws connections between art and corporate matters, creating a keynote address that is like no other. In his keynote, Phil encourages attendees to embrace their shake, or any obstacles that have come their way. By transforming these limitations into opportunities, you will begin seeing obstacles as opportunities for improvement rather than as roadblocks. This will quickly translate into success for you and your business.

Gabe Zichermann

Gabe Zichermann is a technology expert focused on helping others achieve a tech-life balance in their careers and personal lives. Technology is continuously rising in importance and becoming more and more prevalent in the workplace. As a result, the use of technology in the workplace can result in one of two things: success or failure. Technology can prove to be an extremely useful tool or a hindrance for businesses. Gabe uses his keynote to teach attendees how to avoid the latter and create a successful work environment.  

Gamification and Employee Engagement

In his keynote, Gabe uses creativity and innovation to explore concepts such as gamification and technology addiction while successfully drawing connections to the corporate world. As a result, attendees will be able to truly understand the importance of a tech-life balance. He teaches attendees how they can effectively use gamification in the workplace to drive teamwork, productivity and employee engagement to new heights.

Book Our Speakers for Your Next Event

Although Phil Hansen and Gabe Zichermann specialize in different areas, they are both top creative keynote speakers who can provide attendees with a new sense of motivation. They both effectively establish connections between creativity, innovation and business, making their keynotes perfect for any event. If you are in need of a speaker who will dazzle your audience with their creativity and knowledge while motivating them to succeed, call 1.800.345.5607 to learn how to book our speakers.


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