Grow Your Following, Grow Your Brand: How To Grow and Maintian an Online Following with Brendan Kane

Brendan Kane is an innovation strategist who empowers individuals and businesses to expand their brands through the power of social media. He has over 10 years experience in the digital world and has helped to build and grow platforms for Fortune 500 companies as well as celebrities, including international superstars Taylor Swift and Rihanna. Brendan uses social media to help clients capture opportunities that would be impossible otherwise. 

Brendan has stated that his favorite part of helping others grow their brands is watching them use the skills he gives them to leverage that following. Leveraging the following will help to make the brand a lot more money as well as grow the brand fast. Using social media can help you go from unknown to known very quickly and opens up the door to things like book deals, record deals, paid speaking engagements, huge business growth, and much, much more. 

Brendan has recently put together a program called Private Accelerator Q&A. He assembled a small group of trusted colleagues to work with him on growing brands and content growth strategies, as well as how you will monetize that growth. Through this program, you would get two monthly phone calls with Brendan as well as access to a private Whatsapp chat with Brendan and his team. Brendan will help to teach you high level strategies that will help you achieve the goals you want without doing the work for you. Allowing Brendan to help grow your business can help you to save years of struggle when growing your business. Brendan has explained that many businesses growth strategies are very cookie cutter. They usually do not take into account what’s unique about you, your goals, and what is in the way of you achieving them. 

If you prefer a more personal experience, this program is definitely for you. Luckily, Brendan offers his services on a large scale as well. Not only does Brendan offer his expertise through different online programs, he often speaks on this topic and helps to inspire businesses and organizations to grow their online presence. Book Brendan Kane today to learn exactly how you can grow and leverage your brand for the better. 



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