Eagles Talent Speaker Management EVP letter to NSA (National Speakers Association)

Sheldon Senek, Eagles Talent Speaker Management EVP, recently finished his term as the IASB (International Association of Speakers Bureau) president in Boston this past April. It was an wonderful convention with plenty of learning and networking with bureau partners, speaker management groups, and other agencies from around the world. In addition, Phil Hansen, creative/innovative artist and keynote speaker, was on hand doing a collaboration art project with the members of the association.

In addition, Sheldon also published a letter in the April 2018 NSA (National Speakers Association) Speaker magazine. In the letter, Sheldon wrote the NSA members about advocating for better bureau partnerships and opportunities for collaborations. The NSA letter can be read here.

For more information about Eagles Talent Speaker Management, visit our ABOUT PAGE. Here are links for more insight on IASB and NSA.


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