How Amelia Rose Earhart is Empowering Women Everywhere

As a reporter, pilot and inspiring keynote speaker, Amelia Rose Earhart knows how to make a positive impact and create change in the personal and professional lives of others. She uses this skill in her presentations and programs aimed toward a wide variety of audiences, where she encourages others to create a plan and work toward achieving their goals. Although she empowers all kinds of audiences, here are a few ways she uses her experience and accomplishments to empower women specifically:

Serving as pilot-in-command on a flight around the world.

Since 1903, less than 30 women have served as pilot-in-command of an around-the-world flight. Amelia became part of that group of women when she completed her flight around the world in 2014. Along the way, Amelia was able to award 10 flight school scholarships to 10 young women across the U.S. Through her accomplishments in the sky and her desire to help others, Amelia inspires women everywhere to live out their dreams and remember that the sky’s the limit.

Achieving success in a male-dominated field.

Women pilots account for only six percent of the total pilot population, according to Women in Aviation International (WAI), a nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of women in the aviation industry. Amelia has achieved immense success in this male-dominated industry and continues to do so today. She uses her experience to help guide others on their own paths to success, whether they want to achieve a personal or career-oriented goal. Amelia even encourages and assists women and young girls everywhere to achieve their dreams of obtaining a pilot’s license.

Helping girls become pilots.

In 2013, Amelia founded the Fly With Amelia Foundation, which provides young people with all kinds of aviation opportunities. The foundation works to provide an educational aviation curriculum to grades K-12 in order to foster knowledge and excitement about aviation in the minds of students. The Fly With Amelia Foundation also provides scholarship funding to girls ages 16-18 who wish to attend flight school and obtain a private pilot’s license.

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