5 Traits of a Successful Leader

As the owner or manager of a business, you may often wonder if you are exhibiting the best possible leadership for your employees. You may even begin to doubt yourself at times. Top leadership keynote speaker Dr. Todd Dewett knows what it takes to be a successful leader. Continue reading to learn a few traits that successful leaders everywhere possess.


A good leader moves fast while being as thorough as possible. They are also enthusiastic and passionate about their work. These traits are essential when it comes to leadership. After all, how can others be excited about the big things your business is doing if you’re not? If you exude enthusiasm, people will be drawn to you and may be inclined to do the same. As a leader, you must set this example for others.


Dr. Dewett is a strong proponent of authenticity and utilizes his programs and presentations as a way to teach others about the importance of authenticity in personal and professional situations. As a leader, it is extremely important to practice authenticity because it will allow your employees to trust you. When running a business, the last thing you want to do is fail your employees.

A Goal-Oriented Mindset

If you are motivated to achieve your goals, it will become easier for you to motivate others to achieve their goals as well. In a business, everyone should be interested in moving forward. In order to create a goal-oriented mindset for yourself, you must constantly have your goals on your mind and brainstorm new ways to accomplish them. Maintaining a goal-oriented environment in the workplace will benefit your business greatly as goals are consistently accomplished.


Great leaders must be organized in order to lead their companies to success. They must utilize strategic planning so they can anticipate not only their next move, but also their competition’s next move. Strategic planning includes looking to the future while remaining positive that you are planning your next steps. In conjunction with strategic planning, a good leader must also create business plans, which will serve to drive the company forward with their goals in mind.

Effective Communication

As a leader, you will have to communicate with a wide range of people. Regardless of who you are speaking with, a leader must possess effective communication skills to ensure that there is no miscommunication along the way. If a manager is unable to communicate effectively with employees or customers, this will create confusion that can hinder the success of the company as a whole

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