Times Article on Gamification with Nod to Gabe Zichermann

In a recent New York Times opinion article by Ben Yagoda called “Gaming: The System”, he tackles how significant of a role that gaming plays in his everyday life — causing him to consider the choices that he’s making. For example, allowing an app to track his driving so the insurance company will provide a safe-driving discount. Ben’s bigger point is that while data is tracking you, it only shows the black and white facts rather than the entire picture (ie is sudden braking in a car because someone cut you off or from your reckless driving). On the flip side, using gaming can help us be healthier — take note of the people who wear a Fitbit or an Apple Watch.

In the article, Yagoda also gives a nod to Gabe Zichermann, who is THE leading expert on the subject of gamification.  Gabe is the top technology strategist who authored the booked, “The Gamification Revolution” which dives into how gaming practices are applied to businesses and everyday life. If you wonder if gamification is alive and well, then take note of every point you accumulate when you shop for groceries, coffee at Starbucks, credit card points, etc. Even the movie that recently came out, “Ready Player One” is all about gamification.

If you have a business and you are looking for a technology strategy to incorporate into engaging people, then you will certainly want to explore Gabe Zichermann.



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