Phil Hansen Presents at PCMA’s 2018 Education Conference

On June 11, Phil Hansen presented his “Embrace the Shake: Transforming Limitations into Opportunities” keynote at PCMA’s 2018 Education Conference. PCMA is a network of business events strategists that prides themselves on educating and informing the business events industry.

Phil began his keynote by sharing a personal story with the audience regarding his experience facing a career-ending injury. As an art student in college, Phil specialized in pointillism, an art style characterized by millions of colored dots. Not only is pointillism a time-consuming practice, but it also requires a steady hand to effectively create a larger image using small dots rather than lines.

During his time at college, Phil noticed a tremor in his hand that later developed into permanent nerve damage. Confused and unsure of the future, Phil dropped out of school and stopped practicing art until his doctor encouraged him to “embrace the shake.”

Since being diagnosed with permanent nerve damage in his drawing hand, Phil has turned his limitations into opportunities and found immense success as an artist and keynote speaker. He has completed numerous projects using a variety of media, including food, smashed records and even his own fingerprints.

In his keynote, Phil uses his personal experience to encourage his audience to keep moving forward despite any complications. At PCMA’s conference, Phil spoke to an audience of business events professionals and inspired them to achieve success in their field, no matter what industry they are a part of. 

Audience members were able to participate and create their own artwork with Phil’s guidance. He asked them to draw small images that represent their own personal experiences. Phil then put all of the images together into a mosaic and created and even bigger piece of art that everyone was able to be a part of.

Watch the video below to learn more about the keynote Phil gave at the conference:

Phil Hansen is a top creative keynote speaker who can provide your audience with the motivation they need to succeed. Through an insightful keynote and an interactive and collaborative art project (at an additional cost), Phil is bound to leave a lasting impact on any audience. If you are interested in booking Phil for your next event, give us a call at 1.800.345.5607.


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