New TEDx Talk from Humanitarian and Impact Speaker Mallory Brown

Mallory Brown, empathy keynote speaker, empowers women to lead

Mallory Brown is a young humanitarian filmmaker who inspires audiences to help others by harnessing the powerful yet underrated emotion of empathy. At just 33 years old, she’s back with her second TEDx Talk. How to Save the World One Mile at a Time, chronicles her experiences of traveling all over the world documenting the lifestyles of those who live in poverty. Her goal is to go beyond statistics and humanize poverty to show what it looks like face-to-face. Mallory’s philanthropic campaign is centered around the American proverbial phrase of “don’t judge someone until you walk a mile in their shoes.” Her belief is that by walking in the shoes of someone else, you can connect with them and be better motivated to help them.

In her talk, Mallory details her latest endeavor, Walk a Mile, a global marathon for women’s empowerment. She’s walks a marathon, one mile at a time, with 26 impoverished women around the world. 26 miles. 26 women. 26 countries. 26 stories of strength. Each mile benefits a local charity and the series aims to prove that the economic empowerment of women is the key to pulling families out of poverty. Mallory’s marathon directly puts into action her belief of how empathy can empower each us to make a difference and positively impact the world around us.

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