Brendan Kane is Set To Speak At Unify Las Vegas in March 2020

Brendan Kane, influence and branding strategies

Brendan Kane is one of the top digital strategists in the world so it’s no wonder that he makes appearances at different conferences throughout the year. Brendan will be speaking amongst many successful entrepreneurs and influencers at Unify Las Vegas on March 26 and 27, 2020 at the Venetian in Las Vegas, NV. 

What is Unify

Unify is a business conference where both new and experienced entrepreneurs are welcome to come together and learn practical skills that they can put to work with their own business practices. The conference originated in Australia but will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2020. The tagline is “Creating Entrepreneurs Together” and it was founded by four entrpreneurs, Travis Fox (Chief Executive Officer), Bryan Hodgson (Chief Marketing Officer), Brenden Tieger (Chief Development Officer), and Brandon Odom (Chief Financial Officer). The four founders are also on the line-up to speak alongside Kane and many others. 

Who is Brendan Kane and Why Should You See Him Speak?

Brendan Kane is a digital strategist and social media guru for Fortune 500 companies, brands and celebrities. He has built platforms for people like Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Katie Couric, and Michael Strahnan. Aside from his work helping celebrities grow their brands, Kane also helped to grow Strike Social to one of the top social media buying intelligence companies in the world. Today, Strike runs over 2500 ad campaigns a day for brands such as Disney, Fox, NBC, Netflix, LinkedIn, and more. 

Social media is becoming a way for businesses and brands to advertise their products for free. It seems self-explanatory, post content and your product to your social media and then people will buy it. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a solid social following, your posts mean nothing. Brendan can help to give you the skills and tools that you need to get that following. Brendan generated one million followers for himself on Facebook in just 30 days and is an expert in optimizing analytics, data and paid media to help people and brands create a massive social media presence. One of Kane’s main talking points is that it no longer takes years and billions of dollars to reach audiences around the world. Today, the opportunity to share content is made available to everyone, it is all a matter of how you use that tool. 

For the new entrepreneur or small business owner, Kane can teach you how to grow your business and take it to the next level. For the seasoned entrepreneur or CEO of a major corporation, Brendan can give you the skills you need to keep your brand relevant and help it to evolve for the future. Any entrepreneur, beginner or experienced, is going to want to see Brendan Kane. Book Brendan Kane today and allow him to help catapult your business into the future and beyond.



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