Matt Mayberry’s Virtual Keynote Experience

As our world continues to face unprecedented times, virtual presentations are the new normal for speakers everywhere. One of those speakers is Eagles Talent’s very own Matt Mayberry. According to Matt, it’s not how you start that matters most, but how you finish. Matt explains that right now, bold and courageous leadership is needed. The best leaders show up and do their best despite the circumstances. Right now, organizations need leaders who will set an example for their team and help them to get through this challenging time, and Matt is here to help them do just that.

Matt discusses that while life has definitely been chaotic, challenging, and unpredictable the last few months, there will be an end to this current reality. In Matt’s virtual keynote, he presents two questions to viewers;

  1. What type of leader will you become when this is all over? 
  2. What type of organization will you be leading?

The steps you take during challenging times to encourage and engage your employees can make or break you as a leader. Right now is the perfect time to transform your organization. Matt tells viewers that we need to use these unprecedented challenges as rocket fuel to innovate and disrupt the way business is currently done. 

While nothing can replace in-person engagements, virtual can still hold a ton of value.  Matt’s mission is to deliver a virtual keynote experience that will not only entertain, but also leave viewers with game changing ideas to take their performance to the next level. Matt offers a variety of virtual experiences including, 

  • Pre recorded keynote with professional film crew and studio that is highly customized for each client
  • Live virtual keynote with professional film crew.
  • Virtual leadership retreat
  • Leadership mini series
  • Hybrid event opportunities

Book Matt Mayberry today to learn how to elevate your team.


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