Mallory Brown Releases Episode Two of Walk A Mile!

Although there are widespread social issues around the world, some of these issues are happening right here in our very own backyards. While episode one of Walk A Mile took global humanitarian Mallory Brown to Tanzania, episode two finds her right in her hometown of Detroit, Michigan.

In episode two of Walk a Mile, Mallory meets Ebonie, a single mother who was once homeless. She was able to secure employment through The Empowerment Plan, a nonprofit organization that provides jobs for the homeless. Watch her story below:

In the United States alone, over 500,000 people are homeless.

One factor that drives people out of homelessness is employment. Finding employment, however, is difficult, especially for homeless individuals who may be judged harshly. The Empowerment Plan has been able to provide employment to countless women who, like Ebonie, have been homeless. The organization serves to end the cycle of generational homelessness through employment.

The Empowerment Plan provides empowerment through employment.

In episode two of Mallory’s “Walk A Mile” campaign, Ebonie is brought to tears as she looks back on her life and shares that homelessness is something she never envisioned nor wanted her son to experience. After securing employment through The Empowerment Plan, however, Ebonie was also able to secure housing and provide a better life for her son.

At The Empowerment Plan, Ebonie makes coats that double as sleeping bags, which are then distributed to homeless individuals. Not only does the organization provide employment to the homeless, but they also provide necessities in an effort to uplift and assist them.

Making a donation will ensure that The Empowerment Plan can continue to uplift individuals and work toward ending the cycle of homelessness.

The Empowerment Plan has a 100 percent success rate, meaning that no one who has obtained employment through the organization has fallen back into homelessness. Consider donating to Mallory’s Walk A Mile campaign today to ensure that the nonprofit can continue to uplift individuals out of homelessness while securing necessities, such as employment and housing as well.

Visit Mallory’s Crowdrise page to make a donation today.

Interested in booking Mallory Brown to speak about empathy and empowerment? Call 1.800.345.5607 or visit for more information.


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