Mallory Brown Participates in Lyft’s “Round Up & Donate” Charity Program

Inspirational keynote speaker Mallory Brown has taken on many roles and responsibilities in her career, including those of a global humanitarian, social entrepreneur, and … Lyft driver? In a recent video for Lyft, a ridesharing app that has gained popularity in recent years, Mallory acted as an honorary driver for a great cause.

Mallory is an impact storyteller known for her social impact and crowdfunding projects in which she has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity. Her current project is called “Walk a Mile” in which she is working on raising money and awareness for working women around the world who are living in poverty.

Given that Mallory dedicates herself to various social causes that matter the most to her, it’s no surprise that she recently appeared in a promotional video for Lyft’s “Round Up & Donate” program that benefits different charities, including St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Habitat for Humanity, and now, the Detroit Public Schools Foundation, among many others.

Lyft’s “Round Up & Donate” program gives riders the option to round up the cost of their trip to the nearest dollar and donate the difference to a charitable organization of their choice. In the past month, Lyft has partnered with Detroit Public Schools Foundation, which serves over 52,000 students in the Detroit area.

Learn more about how you can give back to your community through Lyft’s programs and watch Mallory act as an honorary Lyft driver in the video below:

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