Mallory Brown: Empathy Keynote Speaker with New ‘Walk A Mile’ Episodes

Mallory Brown is an impact storyteller and global humanitarian whose biggest goal is to inspire and create change. She shares real life stories of human connection and believes that empathy is the greatest way to connect to others. At only 33 years old, Mallory has traveled to more than 50 countries and has raised over $300,000 for social causes around the world. Her most recent project is Walk A Mile: a 26 part web-docu series that Mallory describes as a global marathon for women’s empowerment. Mallory has vowed to walk 26 miles with 26 impoverished, working women in 26 different parts of the world for 26 different charities. Mallory’s goal through this is to raise $1 million as well as awareness for these women and the struggles they face. She also hopes to show viewers that the economic empowerment of women is the key to fighting extreme poverty.


Mile 5- Uganda

In episode 5 of the series, we see Mallory travel to Uganda where she walks with a woman named Alice. Alice is a fistula survivor, as are many of the other women in her community. Fistula is a condition that has been almost completely eradicated in the United States but is still very common in Uganda because the women don’t have access to hospitals when they give birth. Some women will go into labor for days on end and because of lack of proper medical care, often lose the baby. When this happens, it can lead to debilitating health conditions that some women live with their whole lives — causing some to take their own life.


In this episode, Mallory focuses on the charity Terrewode, a community hospital under construction in Uganda that specializes in caring and providing the proper surgery for women that suffer from fistula. Following the surgery, Terrewode will also provide services to help women return to their communities with training and a skill set that will allow them to earn an income. One example of this was women who were learning how to make soap out of goat’s milk. Terrewode also helps to educate the community that fistula is a condition that can be fixed and women should not be ostracized for it. 


Mile 6- Panama 

In episode 6, Mallory travels to Panama where she walks with a woman named Raffa. Raffa is the first female president of her village. You can see by watching Raffa speak how proud she is of her community and how she wants to do all of the good that she can for it. The largest need for the people of Raffa’s community is access to healthcare. 


Floating Doctors is the charity that Mallory focuses on in this episode. They are a nonprofit group that runs clinics in remote and isolated communities, providing proper healthcare to the people that live there. Everyday, Raffa works with floating doctors to ensure all of the people in her community are safe and healthy. 


You can learn more about these women and many others by watching Mallory’s Walk A Mile series. Book Mallory today to see how her keynote message of empathy, compassion, and empowerment can change leadership in the workplace.



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