Gabe Zichermann Featured in Wired Article About Technology Addiction

Technology and gamification expert Gabe Zichermann knows more than a thing or two about the dangers of an addiction economy. He even speaks about it in his “Gamification and Employee Engagement” keynote address, where he teaches his audience that using gamification in the workplace can drive a business to success.

Earlier this week, Gabe was featured in a Wired article about Apple’s newest features as part of their latest software update. Specifically, the article discusses a new tool introduced by Apple called Screen Time. The feature aims to make users aware of how much time they spend on certain apps in an effort to limit their screen time as well as the distractions these apps can produce.   

Gabe’s app, Onward, serves a similar function. However, it also encourages users to set time limits for certain apps. It then blocks the app after it has been used for the set amount of time. In the article, Gabe states that in order to actually make a difference and find a cure for “tech overuse,” Apple should take stricter measures in limiting people’s phone usage.

Furthermore, Gabe advises Apple to meet with scientists, researchers and experts in the field rather than media corporations to ensure that their app is effective in decreasing technology addiction.

To read more of Gabe’s comments in the article, click here.

Gabe is an expert in all things technology and is sure to educate your audience in a fun and engaging way. He speaks at a wide variety of events, including corporate, leadership and marketing groups, among others. If you are interested in booking Gabe for your next event, please give us a call at 1.800.345.5607.


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