Brendan Kane Shares Secret Tip To Help Social Engagement

Digital strategist, Brendan Kane, has recently shared one of his tips on how to grow your social platform. In his article “It’s Not A Headline, It’s A Hook Point,” Kane describes what it takes to draw your audience into your content. He begins the article by telling readers that millions of people and brands are competing for attention and you need to hook people to your content and message from the beginning. 

In the article, Brendan gives a very detailed example of a hook point exercise he does with his private clients. Brendan says to first imagine yourself walking past a kiosk in an airport full of magazines and books. You have only a few moments to choose reading material before your flight. Now ask yourself, which headline would catch your attention? Brendan explains in his article that this process is very similar to how people choose content on social platforms. Once you identify your hook point, you find what makes people drawn to your content. 

Brendan also shows a very specific example from one of his private sessions of how a product hook point evolved over the session. He explains that the more often you do the hook point exercise detailed above, the more you start to think like your audience. Hook points can be applied to any and all content you make and distribute. 

Brendan covers the topic of hook points in his book, One Million Followers, and also regularly discusses the tactic with his private clients. He plans on speaking more on the topic in the future in his talks and keynotes. Book Brendan today to learn exactly how to hook your audience from the very beginning. 



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