Amelia Rose Earhart Set to Keynote AGS 2020 Conclave in Denver

Amelia Rose Earhart, inspiring keynote speaker, has no trouble living up to the legacy that is her namesake. While she has no direct relation to pilot Amelia Earhart, she did inspire a young Amelia Rose to be the youngest woman to fly a single engine plane around the world and complete the journey. This April, Amelia will be a featured keynote speaker at the American Gem Society’s 2020 Conclave in Denver, Colorado.

Since 1937, the American Gem Society has been holding their conclave in different locations around the United States. It is sponsored by Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group and is described on their website as the “premiere educational and networking event in the industry.” The event is featuring a list of national speakers, including Amelia Rose Earhart, Josh Linkner, and Henry Winkler, as well as industry experts who will be speaking on a variety of different topics. Not only does the event have a list of great speakers planned, but there will also be mixers, general event sessions, parties, charity 5ks and more! 

Amelia will be closing out the conference and she will definitely leave an impact. She draws from her own experience as a pilot and inspires her audiences to find their “true north.” She instructs the attendees of her keynotes on how to draw up their own flight plan for success. Not only does she motivate and inspire, but she also pushes and challenges her audiences to discover their true identities and passions. Amelia prides herself on pushing her own limits and really does an amazing job of inspiring others to do the same. Amelia is also the president of the Fly With Amelia Foundation, a non-profit that provides flight training scholarships to young girls all over North America. 

A keynote from Amelia is sure to inspire any group. Her journey and personal experiences are unique and hearing about them will motivate you to be your very best and follow your dreams. 



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