Stephanie Decker Named “Hero Mom” in People Article

A mother’s love goes a long way. For Stephanie Decker, the love she has for her children surpassed the physical trauma and horrific events she experienced during the category four tornado that hit Henryville, Indiana, in 2012. With Mother’s Day approaching, it’s important to acknowledge and appreciate all of the wonderful mothers out there

Putting her life on the line, Stephanie did everything she possibly could to ensure that her children were safe when a category four tornado roared through their hometown. As a result of her courageous and heroic actions, People recently named Stephanie Decker a “Hero Mom” alongside other strong mothers who showed tremendous strength for their children in life or death situations.

On a rainy March day in 2012, Stephanie picked her children up from school and quickly drove home as sirens blared throughout town warning residents of the destructive tornado. Once they got home, Stephanie and her two children, then ages eight and five, retreated to the basement for safety. As the category four tornado picked up speed, however, Stephanie’s home soon came crashing down.

As pieces of her home began to crumble around her, Stephanie used her body as a shield to protect her kids, Dominic and Reese. She moved back and forth to prevent bricks and debris from hitting her children, until a 6-foot beam came down, crushing both of her legs in the process. Once it was safe to do so, Stephanie instructed her children to call for help. It was later at the hospital where Stephanie learned that she had lost both of her legs.

In 2017, Stephanie’s story was shared on “People Icons: Heroes & Survivors,” an uplifting hour-long special on ABC that recounted triumphant and inspirational survival stories of individuals who defied all odds. Since then, she has also appeared on ABC World News with Diane Sawyer, The Ellen Degeneres Show, and was named a “Woman of Worth” by L’Oreal.

Stephanie’s story is one that exhibits her strength and courage while touching the hearts of many. When speaking about that day’s events, Stephanie says she wouldn’t change what happened because everything happens for a reason. Through her courageous actions, Stephanie Decker has proven herself to be a true hero.

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