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The moment Stephanie Decker realized she lost both of her legs in the tornado that hit Henryville, Indiana, she was sure of one thing: She needed to walk again. This led her to request the best prosthetics available and eventually regain the ability to walk. Once she was back on her feet, Stephanie wasted no time and began to give back to her community through the Stephanie Decker Foundation. Continue reading for some facts on the foundation she started in her name.

The Stephanie Decker foundation mainly serves to support children with prosthetics.

The Stephanie Decker Foundation was founded in 2012 and mainly serves to provide support for children amputees. Specifically, Stephanie and her husband, Joe, encourage children with prosthetics to get involved in sports. They want these children to experience the same opportunities as anyone else when it comes to sports, rather than feeling left out and on the sidelines.  

The foundation strives to assist others in obtaining the best prosthetics available.

After having her legs amputated, Stephanie was fortunate enough to receive high-tech prosthetics. She now works hard to ensure that others have the same opportunities she did. Stephanie and Joe want to make sure that everyone has equal access to leading-edge prosthetics regardless of their financial situation.

Stephanie hosts a yearly sports camp specifically for children with prosthetics.

In an effort to encourage children with prosthetics to get involved in sports, the Stephanie Decker Foundation hosts a sports camp every year. The camp allows children amputees to participate in baseball, softball, football, track and basketball as Stephanie reminds them that there are “No limbitations” on her field.

Book Stephanie Decker for Your Next Event

As a humanitarian and advocate for people with disabilities, Stephanie gives back to her community in as many ways as she can. As a motivational speaker, she shares her story with others and sends the message that anything is possible, even if you’re facing tremendous hardships. If you are looking for someone who will motivate your audience to keep moving forward in the face of personal or professional challenges, Stephanie is the perfect speaker for you. She uses her story as a way to motivate others to keep moving forward and achieve great success. If you are interested in booking Stephanie to speak at your next event, please call 1.800.345.5607.


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