Phil Hansen Featured on TED’s 10 Talks You Won’t Be Able To Stop Thinking About

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Phil Hansen keynote speaker and artistArtist and keynote speaker, Phil Hansen is currently being featured on TED’s website, within they playlist section: Top 10 Talks You Won’t Be Able To Stop Thinking About.

In 2013, Phil Hansen presented in front of the TED MainStage audience on his inspiring art and the ability to overcome limitations. Since then, over 2 million people have viewed his TedTalk. Today, Phil presents to corporate groups, associations, and education institutions  on thinking creatively and beyond limits. Phil is often that “something” different that conference planners are looking for to present. On top of that, he adds an audience collaboration art experience for groups as small as 50 and large as 2,0000.

Here’s Phil’s TEDtalk. We hope it sticks with you long after viewing and provides you with the motivation you need both personally and professionally.

From TED: “In art school, Phil Hansen developed an unruly tremor in his hand that kept him from creating the pointillist drawings he loved. Hansen was devastated, floating without a sense of purpose. Until a neurologist made a simple suggestion: embrace this limitation … and transcend it.”


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