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When it comes to growing your business and maximizing performance in the workplace, former NFL linebacker Matt Mayberry knows better than anyone that these tasks take hard work, dedication, and perseverance. As a keynote speaker, Matt provides audiences with a real-world strategy for achieving peak-performance and teaches them how to increase productivity. As a result, attendees are able to walk away with the tools needed to lead high-performing teams to success.

In a recent article for Entrepreneur, Matt Mayberry made various connections between the corporate and sports worlds while discussing the surprising ways business leaders can improve their productivity and performance in the same way that athletes do. Continue reading for some key takeaways from Matt’s article.

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Clearing your mind increases performance and resiliency.

Believe it or not, health and fitness play a bigger role in your work performance than you may think. Although this is the case today, many people still underestimate exactly how much of an impact health and fitness has in the workplace. In reality, however, maintaining your health and fitness can help you tremendously when it comes to overcoming challenges and living a more fulfilled life overall.

In his article, Matt writes that meditation is one effective way to clear your mind. He goes on to say that implementing a cognitive reset program in his own life has been a game-changer. According to Matt, a cognitive reset program can include everything from meditation and spending time in nature to simply unplugging and disconnecting from electronics for a while. Doing so can help you clear your mind and stay focused on the things that matter.

Track and collect data so you know where you need the most improvement.


When working on an important task in the office, you may be asked to track your work and collect data from your findings. This allows you to remain accountable and responsible. It should be no different in your personal life. This means you should keep track of your own actions and collect essential data. If you’re not sure what this means, think of devices like the FitBit, which tracks your overall performance and allows you to keep track of your physical activity throughout the day.

In a similar way, collecting data and tracking your performance can allow you to determine the areas where you need the most improvement. As a result, you can then decide ways to improve in this area, which will increase your overall productivity and performance.

Squeezing fitness into your daily routine can increase productivity.

As a former athlete, Matt knows the importance that fitness and physical activity have on a person’s overall well-being. In fact, he argues that fitness should come before work because it increases your effectiveness as well as your ability to get things done. Although you don’t need to train as rigorously as a professional athlete, Matt argues that you should make fitness as much of a priority as athletes do. He says making fitness a priority is one of the “biggest productivity hacks in the world.”

Click here to read Matt’s article in Entrepreneur.

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