Tanya Menon

Award-Winning Professor, Organizational Psychologist, Author

Top Researcher on How Leaders and Teams Make Decisions to Create High-Value Collaboration


Tanya Menon  speaks, writes and consults on collaboration. Her research focuses on how people think about their relationships and the habits that allow them to build positive connections with other people.

Tanya Menon is Professor of Management and Human Resources at Fisher College of Business, Ohio State University. She studies how people think about relationships, and how this affects the way they make decisions, collaborate, and lead at work. Her research has been cited in various media outlets including NPR, the Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, The Chicago Tribune, The Times of London (UK), and the Guardian (UK). She has won multiple teaching awards (at both Ohio State and the University of Chicago). She has conducted keynotes, corporate trainings, and consulting all over the world (including for US Intelligence Community, Discover Financial Services, CareerBuilder.com, Wright Patterson Air Force Base, McKinsey Academy, DHL, Cummins, Express, Scotts, Citibank (India), Tetrapak (Italy), Aetna, Sherwin Williams, Erie Insurance, McCormick, the Environmental Protection Agency, American Bar Association Chief Bar Executives, Ronald McDonald House Charities, and the Deloitte Women’s group).

Menon earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Harvard University in 1995 and her Ph.D. from Stanford Graduate School of Business. Prior to graduate school, Menon was a research assistant in INCAE Business School in Costa Rica and an intern in Morgan Stanley’s London office. She is currently Associate Editor at Management Science Journal. She wrote a book with Dr. Leigh Thompson, Stop Spending, Start Managing: Strategies to transform wasteful habits (2016, Harvard Business Review Press). Her Ted talk (go.ted.com/tanyamenon) has reached over 1.8 Million views and was named as one of the top 7 TED talks of 2018 by entrepreneur.com, and one of TED.com’s most popular talks of 2018.

One of TED'S most popular Talks of 2018 (1.8 Million Views)

Tanya Menon: In-Demand Researcher and Author. She has taught tens of thousands of MBA students and executives for over two decades in some of the top business schools worldwide, and has consulted and given keynotes for numerous Fortune 500 companies. 

Based on her co-authored book (Stop Spending, Start Managing, Harvard Business Review Press) and her research, Tanya’s information-packed keynotes/sessions are designed to make collaboration fun and productive. The sessions are interactive, humorous, and full of memorable stories, but the star of the show will be the evidence based approaches proven to make you work smarter! Her goal is to transform how you think about organizing—so that you can discover your creative potential! This session works for both large-scale meetings — and small teams.

Value of Tanya's Presentations

  • Interactive: discussions via chat or in person, polls, and group collaboration
  • Customized to the company’s core issues
  • Provides immediate feedback on each person’s influence styles
  • Reveals culture—which approaches are dominant in the company
  • Involves clear takeaways that directly improve practice.
  • Backed up by Tanya’s research; you will receive resources to go deeper post-session
  • Yields a rich source of data: participants’ critical challenges/solutions that reveal their mental models

Her keynotes focus on:

  • Influence
  • Persuasion
  • Sales
  • Communication
  • Negotiations
  • Conflict Gender
  • Hard Conversations About Diversity



Corporate Culture
Diversity and Inclusion
Empowerment Speaker

Best Client Types

Women’s Conferences

Best Attendee Types

Human Resources
Organizational Teams

Key Bank
"Tanya, wow. The feedback on your session has been so awesome. People already mentioning next year & wanting more from you! "
McKinsey Academy
"So appreciate your partnership in creating the session—the content really resonated, linked nicely to other program content, and as designed, provided participants with tools they could use on ‘day one.’ Thank you, and look forward to another opportunity to work together in the future!”
National Air & Space Intelligence Center
"Tanya's energy, rigor, and deep expertise were inspiring. Our interactive work regarding social widening, persuasion, and hiring practices are already having an impact in our Center."

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