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Collaboration Art Experience: Samples

Depending on the number of attendees at your event, your art work may be in a fingerprint or mosaic style. Regardless of the model, each work of art proves to be an outstanding piece reminiscent of a team’s collaboration and hard work. Through this experience, attendees will recognize the importance of teamwork and realize that each individual’s contribution is essential in the long-run.

Fingerprint Art

Below are a few samples of the Fingerprint Collaboration Art Experience for events with 250 attendees or less. This experience pulls a whole team of professionals together to become artists and create a meaningful image. This program is popular among different groups, such as organizations and associations. In many cases, the client keeps their art and hangs it in the office as a reminder of the teamwork it took to create it as well as the shared experience they had. Below are a few examples of fingerprint art from past conferences:

Mosaic Art

Below are examples of mosaic art from conferences with 250-4,000 attendees. While this is an add-on cost to the keynote presentation, it's more importantly an add-on value as the attendees take part in this team exercise. The exercise helps teams understand that each small part makes up the larger picture, which drives home the point of a company's projects and goals.

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