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Lisa Copeland: Beyond The Keynote


With over 25 years of proven success, Lisa Copeland is a powerful female keynote speaker and a dedicated pioneer in the field of automotive sales and brand strategy.

Copeland sold her award-winning dealership in 2016 to share her knowledge and expertise as a speaker, consultant, and sales expert.

Her consulting firm, Lisa Copeland Global Enterprises (L.C.G.E.), helps business owners and entrepreneurs build more scalable and successful businesses that generate more profit through her strategic “The Art of the Big Sell” program, which is focused on selling a movement over a product. She has a vast client list that includes Google, Subaru N.A, Dell, State Farm, Bank of America, H&R Block and many more.

She’s spoken to over 100 companies all over the country and her success story has been featured in prominent publications including the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Marie Claire, Bloomberg and Automotive News. She is also the co-author of her second book Crushing Mediocrity: 10 Ways to Rise Above the Status Quo.

Lisa's Projects

In addition to her insightful keynotes, Lisa Copeland also offers a wide range of resources that anyone can access to learn more about everything from the sales and automotive industry, to motivational messages about how to achieve success in any field.

crushing mediocrity

Written by Lisa Copeland and René Banglesdorf, Crushing Mediocrity is about how to rise above the status quo and stand out among the competition. In their book, Lisa and René provide readers with 10 ways to become extraordinary and climb to the top of your game.

15 minutes of fierce

Lisa's latest project is a 15-minute morning show on Facebook Live in which she provides morning motivation and updates to her viewers.

the art of the big sell

Through a strong social media presence, Lisa Copeland interacts with her followers in a variety of ways. She hosts shows, podcasts, and a Facebook group, where users can learn secrets to success from Lisa and her weekly guests. (All of Lisa's content can be found on her Facebook page.)

big sellers club

Big Seller's Mastermind is a group on Facebook where Lisa encourages sales professionals to share their thoughts, tips, and ideas with others in the group in an effort to motivate each other.

big sellers show

On Big Sellers Show, Lisa speaks with top professionals in their industries about business, goal-setting, and how to advance one's career.

unapologetically fierce.365

According to Lisa, building a successful business and effectively marketing your brand you must be fierce. In her keynotes, she preaches the importance preaches the importance of being unapologetically fierce 365 days a year.

The Buzz on Lisa Copeland

Lisa Copeland’s New Book Is In The Works!

Sales strategist and business leader Lisa Copeland has created an empire for herself when it comes to marketing her brand. Through engaging social media posts, keynote speeches, and podcasts/talk shows, Lisa has built a loyal following for her brand. Her latest venture is a new book called “Cars Her Way,”

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Lisa Copeland Talks Work-Life Balance and Women in Automotive

Every March is Women’s History Month, a time dedicated to honoring women and highlighting the numerous contributions they have made to society. Sales strategist and leadership keynote speaker Lisa Copeland has spent a lot of her career making strides for women in automotive and raising awareness for the need for

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Lisa Copeland Starts Every Morning With 15 Minutes of Fierce

What does it really take to build a successful business and effectively market your brand? According to keynote speaker and sales expert Lisa Copeland, it takes one thing: Fierceness. But, what does it mean to be fierce? For Lisa, fierce can be broken down into six parts:   Fearless Initiative

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