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"If you're not on the edge of right now, you're not living your best life."

Gabe Zichermann: Beyond The Keynote


Gabe Zichermann takes on many roles, including those of an entrepreneur, author, public speaker, mentor and teacher. As a digital engagement strategist, he helps companies in becoming more engaging and meaningful. He has worked with various organizations, including major governments and Fortune 500 companies, in order to help them maximize engagement. Gabe is a leading expert on technology addiction and has been featured on 60 Minutes for his work on digital distraction and productivity.
His latest venture, Failosophy, aims to help others understand the fear of failure that many people experience as well as the personal and professional limitations that may accompany it. Not only does Gabe aim to help others understand failure, but he also intends to help them combat their fear of failure through proven tools and techniques. His ultimate goal is to help individuals and organizations transform their lives for the better.
In addition to his work with various teams and organizations, Gabe has also written many books on technology and digital engagement, such as The Gamification Revolution. He is also the co-founder of Onward — a tech startup with the aim of helping users combat technology addiction– and Dopamine — a strategy/design consultancy company that works with leading brands to drive customer and employee engagement.

Failosophy podcast Episodes

"If you’re not on the precipice of failure right now, you’re not living up to your full potential."

If you’re not on the precipice of failure right now, you’re not living your best life. Failosophy teaches you how to take risks, fail better and be happier.

The Failosophy podcast features unique insights from people who’ve suffered failure, without all the sugarcoating. Listen as business, arts and sports leaders bear their souls, share their pain, and learn what helped them overcome and reach success (if applicable). Hosted by author and speaker Gabe Zichermann.

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