How Do I Get a Speaker Agent

Obtaining a Speaking Agent can be super challenging. Below is a quick guide to help you determine if you need a speaker agent. If you answer yes to many of the items below, then we would love to hear from  you.

Am I Ready for Representation?

I Struggle with Calendar Management

The speaking calendar is way too busy to self manage (between too many holds and bookings, following up is challenging). 

I am Too Busy to Respond to Speaking Requests

It’s challenging to decipher which requests are legit. In addition, opportunity may be lost in a delayed response.

I'm a Celebrity or Known for Something Significant 
and Need Representation

Professional representation is important to make sure you’re not being taken advantage of, and that you have someone advocating for you. 

I Want to Increase Speaker Bureau Bookings

The professional career is ready for the next step. 

I am a Best-Selling Author

Many best-selling authors get inundated with speaking requests

I need help with Negotiating Bookings

Negotiating is not easy and can sometimes be uncomfortable.  

In Need of Professional Speaking Guidance

It’s important to understand the best career moves to make.

I Need to Streamline Speaking Requests from Clients and Speaker Bureaus

Not having a clear structure for handling requests can result in lost opportunity.

Who Has Time for Event Logistics

Keeping track of booking flights, hotels, and executing contracts can be super time consuming. 

Finding speaking representation can be super challenging. The truth is, not every speaker needs or is right for representation. For example, if you are a business speaker and you’re starting out, working to build your business, an agent is probably not the best direction. Having a speaker manager doesn’t guarantee you bookings or that your speaking fees will go up. There are so many variables that play into that (being in demand, a best-seller, celebrity, unique, etc). In the speaking industry, there are not too many shortcuts.

Working hard to obtain your own bookings and doing a great job on the platform is THE best way to earn a solid reputation (and hopefully, more bookings will follow). In addition, there are speakers out there who are awesome and successful, without representation. We’re not hear to persuade people to want management/representation, but to make sure you know if you’re right for it. Sometimes, it can be a myth or a status thing at the idea of having an agent. 

Working with an agent and speaker bureaus can be a super positive experience. However, there is a reality for those who are concerned about the commissions/dollar amount, not getting more money, and “how come I’m not getting more bookings.” These things can be pretty frustrating and trying to pinpoint blame can be time consuming. Instead, representation is a partnership — that comes sometimes with struggles as well as success. The great partnerships are able to weather the storms and find sustainability — and it becomes a team effort.

It’s important to know that most of the speaker bureaus out there are only recommending speakers they have seen present, other bureaus and clients are booking, are getting a buzz, they may have lost a date to, and already established. Speaker management and representation is really focused on speakers whose speaking is at a level where it is beyond what they can do by themselves or with their current team. You should know, representation is NOT a “one size fits all”, but rather a collaboration and partnership. Take a look below, and see what you answer YES to. This may help determine if speaker management is right for you.

Eagles Talent has more than 40 years experience in the speaking industry. Over that time, we have built relationships with new clients and speaker bureau partners. If you feel you’re right for representation, we would love to hear from you.