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Custom Images

Groups often choose to create a custom image as it’s more meaningful for the attendees.

In many cases, groups decide to use the logo, an important person/founder of the company, or an image that aligns with the theme of the event. Contact for a custom image quote.

The collaboration art experience engages every audience member to create a meaningful piece of art through teamwork. After Phil guides attendees through exercises, he will leave to assemble the final piece.
In the end, all will come together for the big reveal, which includes a video made by Phil, documenting the creation of your team’s art.


This portrait of the company founder created by 1,200 people received a standing ovation. Watch the video of the reveal:

Created for a biomedical company, this image of connectivity at a molecular level represents the power that the group has together!


In this video, Phil creates a custom image for a food services company. The blueberry in the hand represents the power of nutrition and the important work the company does. The reveal received a standing ovation. 

How does the collaboration art work with the keynote?

What standard images can I choose from?

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