Charlie ROCKET

Founder: Dream Machine Foundation

The Biggest Dreamer and Delusional Optimist

  • Grammy-Winning Music Mogul
  • Emmy-Winning Nike Athlete
  • Diagnosed with a Brain Tumor
  • Ironman and Marathon Runner
  • Social Media Innovator and Creative

Dream Big and Fuel Growth: Your team will never think small again!

We all want to dream! Now the time has come to bring that energy to your company culture!

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Rule Breaker

"My Story isn't over yet,"

Dreams Transform People's Lives

Since 2018, Charlie ROCKET's Dream Machine Foundation has been able to get homeless people off the streets, to help children with disabilities launch their dream business, help tornado victims rebuild their homes, and much more.

Millions of people in this world feel hopeless, stuck, or at rock bottom.

Charlie ROCKET was diagnosed with a brain tumor that almost killed him. For others, it’s when they are facing homelessness, battling cancer, or experiencing depression. In these moments, people lose sight of a vision for a better future. All they know is their struggle.

Charlie discovered that a dream can change everything.

At rock bottom, depressed, 305 lbs, and a brain tumor, there was one thing that kept him going: his dream of being an athlete. Over the course of the next 12 months, he ran 4 marathons, completed an ironman, lost 125 pounds, and reversed his brain tumor. His dream saved his life, and he is now dedicating the rest of his life to making dreams come true for others in need of a miracle through the Dream Machine Foundation.

Dream Machine Foundation

Charlie ROCKET's Inspiring Speaking Videos

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Charlie “Rocket” Jabaley was managing one of the biggest music management companies in the world when he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Facing death and weighing over 300 pounds, he made the choice to return to his childhood dream of being an athlete. He ended up losing 125 lbs, running 5 marathons, completing an ironman, and best of all, reversing his brain tumor. To top it off, he was even featured in Nike’s biggest Super Bowl commercial of all time called “Dream Crazy”, the Colin Kaepernick commercial. Charlie has now dedicated his entire life to making other people’s dreams come true through his non-profit the Dream Machine Foundation. He wants to become a new type of millionaire: the one that makes a million dreams come true.

Keynote Program

Charlie rocket delivers one of the most powerful heart opening, mind unlocking keynotes that drives culture shifting change worldwide. He is the perfect balance of authenticity, story telling, with real life practical steps to unlock potential. He doesn’t only speak, he lives his words everyday and have proven his strategies work. As a dreamer, Grammy and Emmy winner, e commerce expert, filmmaker, innovative philanthropist, and social media marketing wizard. Charlie blends, deep real worlds experience with a magnificent emotional filmmaking from stage help people and organizations shift their culture, because when your team starts dreaming bigger…. 1 thing happens! GROWTH!!!! Internally in each person and financially as an organization.

Every keynote is customized to drive the biggest impact combining filmmaking, authentic vulnerability, practical techniques, and stories so magical that everyone walking out of the room is leaving ready to believe bigger and dream crazier!

Charlie will help your team realize how to be on a Winning Streak. 


  • Every member of your team bringing bigger dreams to the table to fuel growth.
  • Each person becoming a delusional optimist when it comes to ideas and possibilities for your business.
  • Your team will be inspired and unlocked to create change.

“Charlie crushed it! He got 5 standing ovations for his incredible and inspiring story. If you’re ever looking for a speaker for your event look no further than Charlie.”

“Charlie Rocket was a uniquely different voice for our event … his message was exactly the message our audience loves and needs to hear … As professionals in the fruit and vegetable industry, we need to be inspired and reminded that our products do good things in the world and we should be sharing the message of health and life with everyone. Charlie’s story and unique style gave life to that message and showed us that anything is possible when you speak your dreams out loud.”
-Texas International Produce Association

“I was blown away by Charlie’s story. His journey moved our entire team towards a positive direction we yearned for. Charlie really is one of a kind.”
-Duke University

“Charlie was a wonderful addition to our lineup as he delivered an inspiring and energizing speech and helped create a remarkable experience for our attendees.”

“Charlie Rocket is a compelling and inspirational speaker who leaves audiences captivated and motivated to pursue their wildest dreams. His authentic storytelling and unwavering belief in the power of manifesting, dreaming big and taking massive action, make him a truly transformative force on stage. With his infectious energy and empowering message, Charlie Rocket has the ability to ignite a spark of greatness within others.”
-The Multi Family Mindset

“Charlie is hands down, by far the best speaker we’ve ever had at any of our events in the last decade. He is relatable, authentic, connecting, encouraging, inspiring, and just plain AMAZING! Charlie’s unique communication style captured our audience’s attention immediately and captivated them the entire time! After our Awaken event , all everyone talked about was “Charlie”!!!! Not only is Charlie one of the best speakers on the planet, he also has a heart of gold and always focused on serving others! He’s just one of those rare incredible human beings that makes you feel like you could dream any dream … and accomplish it!!!! Charlie is literally THE BEST there is!”

“Charlie rocked the stage! Not only did he get a standing ovation from our audience of 10,000 entrepreneurs but he definitely touched the hearts of everyone as well.”
-Founders Summit

“Hearing Charlie’s story has sparked lightbulbs in my mind and my audiences. He’s the speaker we’ve always needed for our high level event.”
-Build Your Empire



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